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Rent our spacious 30,000 square foot Kitchen Center for your next event.

Nestled within our 30,000 square foot building is “The Center Kitchen” an exciting place program participants and the local “Independent Caterer” to the “Established Chef.”
The Center Kitchen is a multi-purpose and will be used for the following programs:

  • Culinary Training
  • Senior Nutrition
  • After School/Summer Fun
  • Sample Saturday
  • Farm To Table Program
  • Incubator/consortium venture

The Center Kitchen is a 1200 sq. ft. commercial kitchen complete with two dry storage units, a walk-in refrigerator & freezer unit, a Hobart dishwasher, and an office, two adjacent dining rooms that can accommodate over 100 persons each. It can provide a space to culinary chefs who desire a convenient place for a culinary production.
The Center Kitchen Incubator/Consortium venture offers traditional space in a shared kitchen environment and is ideal for:

  • Caterers, personal chefs and party planners who need a conveniently located high capacity kitchen that meets all their food preparation requirements.
  • Smaller food businesses that want to grow and can’t afford to build or lease a commercial kitchen of their own
  • Entrepreneurs who need an “incubator” where they can cook and taste new recipes
  • Bakers, food packages and online food business entrepreneurs who require 24/7 access to fully equipped kitchen.

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Coming soon!

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